How to Select Your Prescott Event Venue

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Event Planning

The new year has arrived, and it is time to begin planning your 2017 event in Prescott. Whether it is a wedding, charity gala, anniversary or birthday, the most important piece is the location. Before you can even begin considering food, décor, music and guest lists, you need a venue. However, it can be overwhelming as you begin scouring through the lists of locations. There are a few things to keep in mind as you start looking for the perfect Prescott event center.


Before diving into the details of a venue, you want to make sure that the location of the building is appropriate for your event. While more obscure and secluded venues may be tempting they come with a number of problems. These locations can be difficult for guests to find and offer very little access to lodging. Instead choosing a spot that is centrally located can mitigate some of these problem since a more urban spot allows guests to stay at nearby hotels.


Once you have found an appropriate venue location, you should look at the spaces provided. Buildings with large ballrooms offer the best options. While smaller quirkier spaces may seem more interesting, they leave little room for unique décor. Additionally, the layout can be tricky with larger groups of people. A large banquet hall serves as a blank canvas for linens, floral arrangements and other details, which can be particularly appealing when looking for wedding venues. Little natural light can be one issue with these types of spaces, but many venues offer rooms with large windows and impressive views, like the historic Plaza View Ballroom in Prescott, AZ.


When booking a venue, you want to double-check what is included in the room rental. The more that is provided the easier your event planning will be. If you need audiovisual equipment, it is easiest to find a Prescott event center that already has these items onsite. Additionally, a venue that has close relationships with local vendors can help ease deliveries and set up. Finally, on-site catering prevents the hassle of looking for local caterers and arranging delivery. An in house kitchen also ensures that food will be served warm.

Locating the right Prescott event center can be a big task, but keeping these brief tips in mind can help you more easily find the location that is right for your needs. Once you have secured an appropriate spot, you can begin working on the smaller details as you pull your event together!

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