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How To Determine The Capacity Of Your Industrial Storage Racks

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When designing a pallet storage rack, its capacity is a crucial factor to consider for safety and ensuring it meets your needs. It’s also important that the materials used to create the frames and beams can hold the requisite weight to prevent it from collapsing. Here are several considerations to make when determining pallet storage rack capacity for a system you are designing.

The product load

The first factor is the product load the storage racks will be handling. That is the pallet type, weight, size, and dimensions. Find out how much weight will be placed on each level how tall and deep every pallet will be. Knowing the industrial storage racks height, weight, and depth requirements ensures the system is properly designed.

For instance, if you have 3 pallets weighing 1000lbs each, your industrial storage rack capacity should be at least 3000lbs per beam pair. Beam capacities vary by design, so be sure to work with your pallet rack manufacturer when planning a system.

Number of beams per level

Next, determine how many beams you need per level and their spacing. If your warehouse will have multiple configurations, calculate each individually. Capacity ratings for rack frames are based on the configurations. It should not be assumed that different configurations of the same system can support the same capacities.

Materials used to fabricate the frame and beams

Lastly, you also factor in the type of material used. Structural steel is stronger than roll-form steel; it can handle more weight. Additionally, the gauge used also impacts the capacity of these elements.

With this information, you better understand what to consider when calculating industrial storage rack capacity.