How Athletes Benefit From Seasonal Workout Plans

by | May 17, 2023 | Swimming Instructor

Seasonal workout plans are fitness regimens designed to help people stay in shape during different times of the year. During winter, outdoor activities are limited due to cold temperatures. Spring and summer allow outdoor workouts such as running or biking with a few weight training sessions to keep muscles toned. Tailoring your fitness routine according to the time of year keeps you motivated and has better success in reaching your long-term fitness goals. To get the most out of your workouts, here are tips for creating effective seasonal workouts for swimmers:


Spring training aims to build strength and endurance before the start of the competition season. Focus on short sprints followed by longer distances, such as 400–1000 meters. Include drills and kicking sets to increase flexibility and technique while targeting different muscle groups.


Summer is a great time to work on speed and race simulation while incorporating drills into your routine. Try doing timed 50- or 100-meter sets with exercises like flutter kicks, pull-downs, hip lifts, and lateral pulls between each set for a challenging but productive workout.


As competition season approaches, focus on rest and recovery while maintaining endurance levels to avoid injury. Alternate between distance swims with high stroke counts and kick sets. Focus on sharpening technique without fatiguing your muscles too much. Ensure you incorporate regular breaks into each practice to give yourself time to recover before diving back into training mode.


In preparation for the following year’s competition season, winter is ideal for swimmers to focus on building muscle mass through indoor strength training exercises such as weight lifting and cardio. You should not forget about technique during this period. Practice drills so that you’re ready to swim in solid form come spring without losing your mechanics over the long off-season break.

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