Floor Bunding for Safety and Isolation

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Business

Floor bunding is usually semi-permanent and is perfect for isolating chemicals and oils from other substances throughout the workplace. It creates a containment area that protects that space in case of a spill. It’s a low-profile solution that can withstand heavy wheels and moving machinery, allowing you to drive over it without damages. Plus, even if a leak occurs while you’re driving over it, the bund won’t allow the leakage to get into other areas.

Floor bunding should be made of UV-stabilised urethane because it is designed to withstand heavy traffic. You can drive a forklift or heavy truck over it without fear. Plus, it doesn’t lift away from the floors, crack, split or chip. While it’s considered a rigid piece, it’s also flexible enough so that you can use it in any area of the facility. Its unique features allow it to be flexible without compromising its strength. It’s also chemical resistant, which means you can use it to stop chemicals from leaking all over the floor. You can find right-angle pieces and everything else so that you can install it where it needs to go. You can create rectangle or square shapes, or put it across door entryways.

At EcoSpill, they offer the DuraBund brand because it is one of the best products available. It protects your floors from liquid or chemical spills, ensuring that they do not escape from their containment area. They’re designed to be the first line of defence against spillage. Then, once you’ve stopped the leak (if possible), you can use one of their appropriate spill kits to clean up the mess. In fact, you may be able to reuse some, if not all, of the liquid that was spilled. Floor bunding is essential to protect the environment and your facility from spills so that traffic and production aren’t disrupted.

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