Do More Than Just Take Your Kids to Daycare in Jeffersontown, KY

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Child Care Center

Looking at child care programs in Jeffersontown, KY, can be overwhelming. There are plenty to choose from, but you should want more than just daycare in Jeffersontown, KY. You should want the best program for your child. The best daycare in Jeffersontown, KY, are actually the ones that offer pre-k education. A pre-K education gives your child a head start to learning and puts him or her ahead of same-aged peers once kindergarten starts.

Pre-K Childcare Programs in Jeffersontown KY

While child care programs in Jeffersontown KY are a dime a dozen, programs offering pre-K curriculum are not. That actually narrows things down for you quite a bit and provides peace of mind in where to enroll your child. In a pre-K program, kids learn counting, reading, writing, basic math skills, spelling, and more. It isn’t just a day filled with play activities. Your child is actively learning for what you are charged for a week of care.

Full Day and Half Day Programs to Suit Your Needs

Pre-K programs will often have half-day-only programming, but because this center offers daycare and pre-k, your child can go all day or half days as needed. For consistency of learning, teachers recommend full days. That way your child isn’t missing out on some of the things taught in the afternoon or missing out on special learning activities. If you are interested in this program and/or you want to take a tour of the center itself, contact A to Z Childcare at to schedule an appointment.

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