Decorating With Iron and Steel to Increase Your Aesthetic Appeal

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Metal Fabrication

Steel Got It

Wrought iron fences were once very rare. Only the wealthiest in colonial America could afford them, and they had to be imported from Britain and Europe. However, as the domestic iron industry grew in the 19th century, wrought iron with beautiful ornamentation became more and more accessible to the masses.


Custom steel fabrication continues to make beautiful and functional metalwork available to American homeowners. In fact, much of today’s steel fence production is designed to imitate the stolid, traditional beauty of wrought iron. It captures the same ornate qualities while remaining stronger, lighter, and more impervious to the elements.

Fence Me In!

Steel is not as cheap as some metals, such as aluminum, but it is stronger and more durable. Steel fences are also still much cheaper than wrought iron, and less prone to rust.

A determined DIY-er can dig holes, pour concrete, and set up his fence himself. Or he can hire a professional. In either case, custom steel fabrication requires very little maintenance compared with, say, a wooden fence. It just needs to be cleaned every so often, have the weeds pulled, and have scratches painted so they don’t rust. A good steel fence can last up to 20 years.

Other Possibilities

Iron and steel have innumerable other decorative possibilities around the home. Metal geometrics are a great way to accent a room. A repurposed metal tub will give the sink in your laundry room a nostalgic appeal.

Fabricated steel can be fashioned into art that can grace your home’s walls. It can create furniture, wrought and crafted to your precise furnishing needs. You can even mount it over your windows and hang curtains from it.

Wrought fences notwithstanding, historically, the aesthetic possibilities of iron and steel have been neglected. Just because it’s powerful doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful, too!

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