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Custom Fencing Adds the Finishing Touch to Your Custom Modern Home

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Custom fences can give your custom home a finished look. This is especially true if your home has a very modern or minimalist architectural style. A custom fence made of shatter-proof glass and aluminum is undeniably sleek and modern.

Glass fencing is likely the newest home style trend; sheets of clear, or opaque white or black glass are set in an aluminum or steel frame. The semi-translucent white glass is especially striking, creating a subtle glow when set against outdoor lighting. Black glass creates an impenetrable look, while clear glass allows you to see who is on the other side.

Stainless steel fencing is another option that is not only strong but very contemporary. Gleaming stainless steel mesh and angular steel bars look great alongside a custom cast concrete home.

Horizontal aluminum slats are another high-tech option for custom fencing. The slats can be powder-coated to complement your home’s color or left as shiny aluminum for a space-age look. This type of custom fence is versatile, blending with many styles of architecture.

Even custom fences made of wood can have a unique, modern look. This is especially true when horizontal wood slats are placed in a steel or aluminum frame. Wood and shiny metal are the ultimate blend of organic with high-tech.

Your unique home deserves an equally unique and stylish fence. Modern custom fencing not only looks good, but also provides optimal privacy and protection to your home.

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