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Commercial Water Damage Services in Gainesville, FL

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Florida is known for beautiful sunny weather all year long. However, Florida is also subject to severe hurricane weather. Often, hurricanes will cause significant flooding and water damage to commercial buildings. Unlike residential homes, commercial buildings are subject to more scrutiny by regulatory agencies. Commercial buildings must meet the code and provide a safe environment for employees. When your commercial building floods, you should immediately call for water damage services in Gainesville, FL. Commercial water damage clean-up professionals will address the situation immediately and work to restore your building.

The Services

Generally, commercial water damage services in Gainesville, FL, include:

• Emergency services
• Inspections
• Assessments
• Material removal
• Cleaning
• Sanitizing
• Deodorization
• Drying
• Monitoring
• Repairs

It is overwhelming and frustrating to find your building has been flooded. Commercial flood clean-up companies will work closely with your homeowner’s insurance to pay for the damages and repair.

The Damage

Water damage removal specialists will arrive with the equipment necessary to dry out your home. They will have pumps and HVAC equipment to remove the water. If your home is flooded due to a burst pipe, you should turn off the water source before calling a professional. This will stop more water from entering your home.

Family Health

The HVAC professional will bring pumps, fans, and other equipment to remove the water and dry the floors, walls, and living areas. You must act fast or mold spores may lead to growth. Black mold is detrimental to you and your family’s health. It can cause allergic-like reactions such as itchy eyes, shortness of breath, and skin irritation. If you think you or a family member has been exposed to mold, you should seek professional medical help.

Once the water has been removed, water removal specialists can help determine how and why your home flooded. If it is due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane, it is much easier to identify the problem. On the other hand, if a pipe bursts, you may not be able to see the leak.