Choosing Inexperienced Or Experienced Sales Reps For Hire

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Recruiter

Depending on the specific company or industry, a sales rep position is often considered an entry-level position. When businesses or companies of any size want to increase their sales team, they have to make a decision to either hire people without experience in the sales field or find experienced sales professionals.

When determining which option is best, the business needs to consider the pros and cons of inexperience and experienced sales reps for hire. For any business, budget, training, onboarding, and immediate needs will always play a factor in this decision.

The Benefits of Inexperienced Sales Reps for Hire

Choosing sales reps with limited or no sales experience means employing people at a lower base salary and commission package for the position. This may be critical for a small startup company if all they consider is the budget. New sales reps are potentially more open to new sales processes and technologies and are looking for the opportunity to prove themselves to find additional professional growth.

The downside of inexperience is the length of time for onboarding and training. Choosing carefully to find people who can quickly connect with customers and build rapport will be critical.

The Advantages of Hiring Experienced Sales Professionals

While experienced sales reps for hire require a higher starting salary and greater commission and bonus packages they also come with a proven track record in sales. These professionals can integrate into a sales team quickly, meaning less time and cost in training and onboarding, but will likely try to negotiate for more based on what they bring to the table throughout the hiring process.

Both new and experienced sales reps may be the right addition to the sales team. Knowing what the business needs will be critical in choosing between the two options.

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