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Best Horse Training Methods 2023: Pros & Cons

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Here, you can explore details on the two best horse training methods — traditional and modern horse training methods along with their pros and cons to decide better which one best fits your preference.

Before that, peek through the different categories of horse training approaches.

Horse Training Methods: Categories

The following categories best describe the general approaches to teaching horses:

  • Training that relies on traditional punishments, such as classical horse breaking.
  • Approaches centered around principles of learning and operational conditioning, including clicker training, lure-reward training, reward-based training, and others.
  • Natural horsemanship (NH) includes techniques like Parelli, Monty Roberts, KFH, and others that depend on the behavior of real horses, practical knowledge, and intuition.
  • Classical horsemanship, including the Légèreté school, the academic art of riding, and other techniques.
  • A well-rounded education that includes components from all schools.

Best Horse Training Methods: Pros and Cons

Traditional Horse Training Methods:

For some horses and trainers, it might be highly beneficial. These methods have been successfully deployed for ages. They result in outstanding performance and obedience from the horse.It might require the application of punishment or negative reinforcement.

Modern Horse Training Methods:

Emphasis on encouraging behavior and the use of incentives can help the horse develop in a good setting. Frequently put the horse’s welfare and the formation of a close, trusting bond between the trainer and the animal firstWorking with horses requires careful consideration of the best horse trainer techniques.


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