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A Brief History of the Printing Press

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It is a known fact that the printing industry has been around for a long time. Today, the printing industry is still around but with a little bit more competition. There are many different printing companies in all areas of the world specializing in various print products. From printer manufacturing to printing business cards, invitations, and posters, all of us are affected by the printer every day! So how did it come to be?

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in Germany in the fifteenth century. The printing press is a moveable type machine that is used to print text and images onto paper. While it may not have seemed like much of a machine to us in the age of technology, it was a significant invention because it made it possible to print large amounts of text at a time. It was first used to print religious texts (The Gutenberg Bible) and quickly became popular because it was a fast and efficient way to publish and distribute mass amounts of text.

Because books and letters became more accessible to the public, print shops are credited with spreading knowledge and information worldwide. The printing press was used to print books, pamphlets, and other essential documents.

The printing press also helped to advance the field of typography. Typography is the art of printing text- think fonts. Instead of being forced to use one font, printers could now experiment with different size fonts and could also create new ones! This helped to improve the quality of printing and still has an effect on the modern world today.

Printing presses continued to advance throughout the centuries, and printers found ways to make the process faster and faster. In return, the journalism field began to blossom. Magazine and newspaper quality increased along with the quantities in production. Soon, magazines and newspapers became political tools, introducing propaganda to the public.

Political cartoons were able to take off thanks to the help of the printing press. Sometimes without using a single word, these cartoons could influence voters and push people to vote or change their own political opinions. The power of propaganda was intense and is still influencing voters today!

The printing press is still used today, and it is still an essential part of the printing industry. The printing press has evolved over the years, and there are now many different types of printing presses. While our printers look vastly different today, the functions are generally similar. However, today printers are able to take on much larger projects. We can print in vibrant, colored ink, print pictures and files from our phones, and even create art reproductions!

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The printing press is an incredible invention, influencing pretty much everything around us. We can thank the printing press for our education, our wealth of knowledge, and much more. The printing industry is still living and breathing, and we wait with bated breath to see what incredible feat it will conquer next!