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3 Things To Consider When Selecting Cylinder Head Manufacturers

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Powder coated cooland pipes after construction

Companies producing any type of equipment or vehicle using a combustion engine will need to find a source for the various parts and components that make up the engine. Outsourcing to reliable cylinder head manufacturers ensures a quality product that is manufactured to your exacting specifications.

When choosing from cylinder head manufacturers, there are some essential factors to verify. Keep in mind, it can be cost effective to choose a manufacturer that is based internationally and offers lower costs for both materials as well as labor.

Standards and Quality Assurance

It is essential to verify that any ISO or API certifications or other types of credentials offered by any manufacturer are confirmed to be current and valid. Most of the top outsourcing manufacturers provide these documents on their website, offering full transparency as to the quality control, standards, and specifications they operate to and under in their manufacturing processes.

These international certifications make it easy for OEMs around the world to determine the commitment of the foundry to the production of quality parts and components.

Additional Services

Look for cylinder head manufacturers with a full range of secondary services that all the OEM to use one contract manufacturer for end-to-end production of the cylinder head. Some companies make a complete range of products, including housings, transmissions, cylinder blocks. They may also offer all machining, finishing, and painting or powder coating required.

Ability to Scale Up

Knowing the foundry has the capacity to scale up the production of cylinder heads to meet your demands is a critical factor for any OEM to consider. Larger foundries are more effective at responding to increased production demands than smaller facilities, which is important to consider as part of your selection criteria.