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3 Red Flags to Avoid When Looking for A Fencing Contractor in Calgary

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Are you on the hunt for a fencing contractor in Calgary? Well, certain qualities might be crossing your mind. These qualities may include trustworthiness, experience, communication, and honesty. The truth is that many contractors fail to tick the mentioned boxes. For this reason, we have developed a list of red flags to help you separate the wheat from the chaff so that you can get the contractor worth your project.

1. Lack Of Website or References

If the prospective contractor doesn’t have a verifiable website or list of references, that should be a red flag. In the present digital world, almost every business is increasing its online presence through websites and social media portfolios. When the contractor can’t be traced online, you can’t get references or reviews for past work.

2. Poor Customer Service

A professional fencing contractor in Calgary will always pay attention to the demands of their clients. Plus, they will respect time schedules and communicate effectively when necessary. However, if you find a contractor arriving late for appointments or doesn’t respond to calls, that should warn you.

3. Low Pricing

Many people prefer settling for the lowest bidder when hiring fencing contractors. While this may save you on the project costs, it also comes at a cost. A low price tag can sometimes mean cheaper materials, shortcuts, and poor quality of service. Therefore, if you want your fence to have the best installation, hire a contractor that’s affordable, but not that low. Remember, you’ll always get what you pay for.

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