Why Citation Is Important

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It is universal knowledge that using a bibliography or works cited page at the end of one’s writing is a vital part of an assignment or writing project. Not only do bibliographies or works cited lists allow for a streamlined and organized list of sources and information, but it also helps to protect the writer against accusations of plagiarism. Providing an accurate and checked list of sources helps to ensure credit is given to the original writer of the information, allowing the borrowing writer to use it without getting in trouble.

The Importance of Citation

Citations can come in different formats and appear in different places within writing or an article. Punctuation and preference of style within the citation differ from format style to format style, but they all follow a same general format for consistency. Properly using citations in text can add to the speaker’s voice and help to properly convey ideas and tones to the prospective reader. Using an MLA format bibliography maker can make creating a bibliography much easier.

In academia, ideas are highly valued. Great ideas are sometimes hard to come by, but when they’re found, they must be protected. This is a main reason to use a works cited page, or an MLA format bibliography maker, as tools to help foster the growth and security of different and original ideas.


This brings us to plagiarizing. A criminal offense that is punishable by fines, jail time, and damaged credibility and reputation, plagiarizing is extremely frowned upon in the academic world, and writing world alike. Stealing someone’s idea and passing them off as your own is never acceptable, and utilizing proper citations or a work cited page can avoid the problems that come with even speculated plagiarizing.

Ideas and Afterthoughts

A bibliography or works cited page helps to accurately track the flow of ideas and information, as well as seeing where certain ideas may have developed. Reading works by other people is a great way to bolster the growth of ideas for yourself, as well as allowing other people to build off of ideas that you may have to offer.

Though learning the ins and outs of citing and making a proper bibliography may seem overwhelming and challenging at first, it is extremely rewarding to properly understand the need for an accurately cited sources page. Being able to properly source works is a skill that can be used across multiple professions in life, not just those that are writing intensive.

In a world that values constant and easy communication, knowing how to successfully cite and source information you find is a key ability to have. Click here for more information!

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