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What to Remember When Visiting a Winery and Vineyard

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Whether you’re an old pro at visiting wineries or you’re about to embark on the experience for the first time, there are things you need to remember when planning your trip. Visiting a vineyard in Texas can be a fantastic time, but there are some tips that can make it even more comfortable and fulfilling. We’ll share a few of them to help you have the most exciting time possible.

Dress Appropriately

The vast majority of wineries you visit are going to have a casual dress code. A nice top and jeans or shorts are typically acceptable, but some people enjoy dressing up a bit more. However, remember that you should wear something that will be comfortable, especially if you’ll be visiting the vineyard in Texas. Wear shoes that have support and that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Bring Along Cash

There is likely to be a tasting fee for every person, which is completely reasonable, and you want to have the cash to handle that. In addition, you may find yourself interested in buying a bottle or two of wine, so make sure you have money for that. Many wineries also offer food and other trinkets so be sure you’re prepared for any other things you want to purchase.

Choosing a Starter Wine

The most common way to work down the wine list is by choosing the lightest wine and working to the more full-bodied red wines. Start with the white wines, or choose from the red wines if you aren’t a fan of whites. Different wineries will allow you to try different selections. Some may have a limit, while others will let you try some of everything. Ask the pourer for more information if you aren’t sure what the case is.

Driving After Tasting

You should always use your best judgment, follow the laws, and be responsible after drinking. That might mean spending a longer time at the wineries so you can drive, or it might mean bringing a designated driver. You can even have a driver take you to your destinations if that’s what you prefer.

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