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What to Look for in a Seattle Conference Speaker

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Choosing the right speaker for your next conference can be challenging. While you may be tempted to bring back a past speaker, it can be useful to mix it up with someone new to keep your audience engaged and interested. As you search for the right Seattle conference speaker, you should look for several characteristics.

Knowledge of Your Field

First, you need to find a Seattle conference speaker who has an understanding of your industry. Choosing a speaker who has never presented in your field can be a critical mistake. While conference speakers will not always use examples from your industry to illustrate their points, they should still be familiar with your field to ensure they can provide accurate information.

Watch Past Performances

A Seattle conference speaker should be happy to share their past presentations with you. When they send you examples of their presentations, it is critical that you watch them carefully. Even if the topic does not relate to your industry, the way they present can give you an indication of whether or not they are a good fit for your audience. Look for characteristics that will appeal the most to your audience to get the best results.


Another excellent characteristic of a good Seattle conference speaker is audience interaction. It is easy for audiences to lose interest when someone is speaking to them instead of with them. Excellent conference speakers will ask open-ended questions that will get your audience thinking. If it is a virtual event, they may also offer other interactive features that will keep your audience engaged.

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