What to Consider with Living On-Base

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Business

When it comes to life in the military, the decision to settle on-base or off-base is one of the most common and important. Both of these choices come with their own advantages and drawbacks. However, if you’ve already decided that living on-base is what you’d prefer, you will have to consider several different additional factors. Living on-base comes with certain restrictions that you will not encounter living off-base, which is why you’ll need to ask very specific questions as you seek out military housing in Chula Vista.

Base Rules

One of the biggest restrictions that comes with living on-base rather than seeking out other forms of military housing in Chula Vista is the amount of rules you’ll have to adhere to. As you look around at different forms of military housing in Chula Vista, be sure to ask about their rules for residents. Get them in writing, if you can. By doing so, you’ll be able to decide whether the rules in place for a specific military base are something you can live by or not. If not, you may be better off seeking out off-base military housing in Chula Vista, so you can enjoy more freedom and live the way you want.

The Wait

Living on-base not only involves a hefty amount of rules, but also dealing with crowds. You won’t necessarily be able to move on-base right away; rather, you may be forced to wait until space opens up for you to move into. This may present another disadvantage all on its own, especially if you need somewhere to stay as soon as possible. As you look around for different forms of on-base housing, it may be in your best interest to ask about the waiting list and about how long it will take before you can secure a place to live.

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