What Is Turnaround Safety And Why Is It Important?

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Business

Whether you work in the oil and gas industry or have recently started, it’s important to understand how a plant shutdown or turnarounds work and what they are. Primarily, it is a pre-planned and coordinated downtime so the plant can have necessary maintenance. During this shutdown, no work will be done, and nothing will get produced. The only thing that will happen is proper cleaning of the plant or unit. Therefore, the parent company loses money and wants things completed as quickly as possible.

Why They’re Necessary

A turnaround is an essential part of factory life. Without it, machines can wear down and cause more problems and injury. Likewise, the costs of a turnaround are a lot less than the expenses of equipment and fines. Therefore, they can be a necessary part of the factory work. However, safety is critical during this time because the parent company doesn’t want to have to pay for damages and injuries during the shutdown.

How It Works

Turnarounds start by shutting down all the machines and units. They clean everything and then bring in others to set up the job, such as scaffolders. Once everything is ready, the equipment is serviced and checked for problems. If everything is okay, the setup equipment is removed, the machinery is cleaned and polished, and things go back to normal.

Why Safety Is Essential

During all the time that the plant is shut down, people are still going back and forth across the grounds. If they aren’t safe, they could get hurt, which would lead to delays, worker’s compensation, medical bills, losing employees and more.

Turnaround safety is an essential part of shutting down factories. Visit Code Red Safety to find out more about it, train for it, or get temp staffing.

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