Using a Safety Staffing Agency

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

You’ve decided that you want some rescue workers employed for your workplace. You have some safety standards in place for your dangerous conditions, but you can’t guarantee the absence of emergencies. You want a rescue team in place if something happens, but you don’t know how to do that. Using a rescue staffing agency can help you find the best rescue workers for your workplace.

Access to Candidates

Staffing agencies have access to thousands of resumes in your area. A wide pool of candidates means that they can tailor your search to candidates meeting your specific qualifications. Whether you want someone with ten years of experience or twenty, they can help you find it.

Cost Effective

Having access to a wide candidate pool means that agencies can find rescue workers at the most competitive price. By hiring through an agency and not doing it independently, you have someone on your side who knows proper industry rates. This can help in negotiation and striking a deal that works for all of you.


Staffing agencies work with individuals who have the training you need. Not taking on rescue workers on your own means that you’re not responsible for training them. It also means that you don’t have to take their word that they’re trained. The agency can check for you and offer any industry-specific training for your area, so that you’re always getting pre-trained rescue workers. The correct training means the difference between life and death sometimes, so proper training is vital.

Industry Knowledge

Safety staffing agencies have a lot of industry knowledge. That means they can make recommendations for what you should look for. They know how to translate your needs into the right employee. Plus, experience gives them the authority to detect honest, qualified rescue workers for your business. That way you can have the preparation and peace of mind necessary to operate your business.

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