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When Should You Use Black Satin Overlay?

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Love the look of black satin table overlays but not sure where they’re appropriate? Here’s your guide to whether they belong at your next event:

When the Tone is Formal

Nothing says formal like bold, beautiful black. After all, the very term “black tie affair” refers to an event that is formal in style and requires guests to dress appropriately. So why wouldn’t you want your tables dressed properly for your big event?

Sop your favorite linen and party supply retailer for a crisp white linen tablecloth for each dining or serving table, topped with black satin table overlays. This contrast of both color and texture are one of the most classic and classy you can find and will give your table spreads the formality and timeless elegance you want. Plus, simple black and white linens are often more affordable than those with busy patterns and designs – a two-for-one perk of choosing to keep it simple with satin!

When the Guest List is Mostly Adult

It’s no secret – satin isn’t exactly child-friendly. When hosting a formal wedding or another mostly-adult affair, black satin table overlays are a beautiful choice that can stand up to everyday usages like dining and drinking. Just make sure to keep blotting cloths handy and consider placemats and plush napkins to keep dessert from ending up all over your pristine satin spreads!

When Metallics are on the Color Menu

Black looks great against today’s trendy metallics. If you are like many party decorators and are looking to incorporate tones of rose gold or platinum, you will do well to first lay down black satin table overlays. Not only does the sheen of the satin compliment the high shine of the metallics, it also adds a neutral background from which they can pop and truly shine as they were meant to.

When You’re Playing with Light

Adding stringed lights or small candle centerpieces to table spreads is a trend that’s not likely to go anywhere any time soon. Using black satin table overlays is a great complement to this, as the sheen of the satin reflects the light beautifully while the dark color gives great contrast to its glow. If you’re looking to light up your event, choose black satin as a backdrop for added effect.