Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) – Dry Lubrication in El Paso, Texas

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Business

Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) is a rare mineral that occurs naturally. It is synthesized using sulfur and tungsten to make dicronite. Tungsten disulfide is used for different purposes in high-pressure and high-temperature areas. The common sectors that use WS2 include automotive, energy, medical, general manufacturing, aerospace, and plastics.

Why Use WS2 Tungsten Disulfide?

WS2 has played a crucial role in industries and specific applications for over six decades. Other than its lubricity element, WS2 prevents failure of equipment operating in extreme conditions. Apply WS2 tungsten disulfide in your industry because it increases the efficiency of your machinery and improves the performance levels. All companies using WS2 have prevented significant repairs and costly downtime over time.

WS2 is a solid lubricant powder used primarily on machines and equipment sensitive to contaminants in wet lubricants. For instance, WS2 as a lubricant is heavily used in medical equipment to reduce friction. The material forms thin layers called lamellar structure. The layers are connected using weak bonds, which break with less resistance.

WS2 Tungsten Disulfide Coating

The coating process requires no curing, binders, or resins and is performed at room temperature. The WS2 becomes part of the substrate once it is appropriately applied. It is the lubricant of choice for many precision applications, including gears, pistons, radial ball bearings, assembly fasteners, and linear bearings.

Tungsten Disulfide is applied in the mentioned fields because of its properties. The Dicronite of El Paso is developing dry lubrication as part of NASA’s space program. The company is certified by the world’s biggest companies, including Airbus, SpaceX, Boeing, and Solar Turbines. Contact dicronite-texas.com today for solid lubrication services.

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