Tips to Keep in Mind When You’re Choosing an Infant Formula in Virginia

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Health

If you don’t plan to breastfeed your baby, you’re going to need to choose which kind of formula to use. Your doctor can offer a few suggestions based on any nutrition issues that your baby might have. Here are some other tips for choosing just the right formula.


There are a few different types of infant formula that you should know about. One is based on cow’s milk and tends to have more protein and fat in it compared to other types. There’s also soy formula for babies who can’t tolerate the milk proteins that are in traditional formulas. You can also get specialized formula if your baby has nutrition issues, such as colic.

Easy to Get

You need to think about how easy it is to use and get the formula that you choose for your baby. Some formulas are in powder form while others are liquid. If you know that you won’t be able to get to the store often during the week, then you might want to use powdered formula as it can last longer. You should also think about the budget that you have as store brands will be less expensive.

Don’t Change

Once you find an infant formula that works for your baby, you don’t want to change. This can upset your baby’s stomach and can sometimes cause a reaction. If you notice any issues, such as excessive burping or vomiting, then you should consult your doctor so that a change can be made to a formula that’s easy on the stomach.

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