The Importance of Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Business

As time passes, advancements are made. This is true of machinery as well; the machines of today are capable of handling much more and without as much human interaction as the machines from yesterday. Thus, we are more reliant on machines than ever; any breakdown of these machines can disrupt the industries that rely on them and the companies and consumers that come to rely upon them. Anti wear hydraulic oil is one way to keep these breakdowns from occurring as often; learn more about it and its importance below.

What is Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil?

Anti wear hydraulic oil is a type of lubricant that has a zinc dalkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) additive in it so that it can provide additional protection for system pumps. This added protection comes in the form of less wear and tear on the pump system itself, plus the lubricant helps to divert heat and debris away from the system’s vital components.


Today’s machinery is in constant operation, so the machinery rarely has time off. Without the use of this type of oil, the machinery would experience more frequent and more extensive breakdowns because of its constant operation.

When the machinery breaks down, critical metalworking and other industrial components are not made. As a result, not only does the company producing these components lose out, but so do the companies that rely on these components to make their products. Then, the consumers and other companies that buy these products also out; a breakdown of the machinery has such a negative domino effect on our daily lives and on our economy as a whole that such oil is more vital to our daily lives and our economy than one might think.

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