The Advantages Of Anti-Wear Agents For Lubricants

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Business

In any application where there is a need for boundary lubrication, choosing anti-wear additives provides several benefits. Boundary lubrication is necessary when two metal parts or components slide across each other in the operation of a system, application, or machine.

Boundary lubrication is particularly important during the initiation of startup and during the shutdown of some types of equipment. It is also essential during the operation of the equipment to prevent excessive wear and damage to the surfaces of the metal parts.

The Basics of Anti-Wear Agents for Lubricants

All anti-wear agents for lubricants are polar additives, with a polar head of the molecule that attaches to the metal when the heat of friction reaches a specific temperature.

As this protective and sacrificial film is formed, it allows the two metal pieces to slide easily across each other without any direct contact. At the same time, the additive also offers protection from corrosion, oxidation, and breakdown of the base oil film thickness. An anti-wear additive is less chemically aggressive to the surface of the metal than an extreme-pressure additive, which is why it is a good choice when softer metals are present.

Over time and with increased use, load, and heat, the anti-wear agents for lubricants begin to fail. When this happens, the metal surfaces make contact, and wear, corrosion, and rust will occur.

New advances in anti-wear agents have extended the life cycle of oils that include these additives while also increasing the duty cycle of equipment and applications.

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