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Textile Cutting Just Got Smarter

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Get ready to take your textile cutting to a whole new level. AutoMetrix is introducing a new way to interact with their machines. It is an easy-to-use industrial touchscreen used with cutting tables and more. When you want to experience powerful functions that are the perfect new experience, SMARTScreen is the answer.

SMARTScreen Is Your Next Machine Interface

Get ready to experience a cutting-edge interface for textile cutting machines and more when you incorporate SMARTScreen. You will still have full control over your machine along with the ability to troubleshoot any issues, watch instructional videos, perform guided maintenance tasks and undertake basic cutting operations directly from the SMARTScreen. The touchscreen itself is the touchscreen that will be incorporated for the next generation of AutoMetrix machines. SMARTScreen can still be used for older machines which gives them greater functionality, better long-term support and new features. If you have an older cutting machine from AutoMetrix, then SMARTScreen is much like an upgrade that gives you the ability to utilize features that were not available when your original machine was built.

Upgrade Your Cutting for Textiles

The indispensable upgrade, SMARTScreen, can upgrade any shop that utilizes AutoMetrix equipment and machines. The screen was designed to function as a device that stands alone for a vast range of custom tools. Not every machine needs the level of motion control that is offered by their cutting tables that are considered to be standard. The SMARTScreen was originally designed to fit that role. It is an inexpensive yet powerful automation engine that functions as the user interface and controller for custom cutting machines and accessories. Take your cutting machine to the next level with SMARTScreen and enjoy an unmatched level of integration for things such as part sorting or material handling.

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