Summer Water Safety Tips You Should Know

by | May 27, 2019 | Water Sports

As the weather heats up, millions of people will take trips to beaches, water parks and swimming pools. While these activities can bring hours of fun and relaxation, they can be dangerous.

Before you enjoy any water activities, you should know how to keep you and your children safe. Here are 4 summer water safety tips you should know.

Teach young children how to swim.
Learning how to swim isn’t a luxury that’s just reserved for a few people. Every person who gets into water should learn basic swimming techniques. When your children know how to swim, they can confidently play in the water without the fear of drowning.

Monitor children at all times.
It only takes a few seconds for a young child to drown. Unfortunately, thousands of parents learn this lesson too late every year. Pay close attention to your children while they are playing in the water.

Remove all inflatable water toys from your pool after you are finished using them.
Children are attracted to these colorful toys. This is especially true for young children who aren’t aware of swimming pool dangers. If you leave a water toy in the pool, your child may attempt to get it and fall into the pool.

Use caution in rivers, lakes and oceans.
On the surface, water looks calm and peaceful. When it comes to natural bodies of water, looks can be deceiving. Rivers, lakes and oceans can have a dangerous undercurrent that can carry a person far away from the shore. Always pay close attention to weather and water conditions.

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