Simple Tips for Staying Slim While Eating at a Coffee Shop in Lancaster

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Foods

Visiting your local coffee shop has now become an everyday event. You may need to grab a cup of java on the way to work or school each day. Or, for those working and teaching at home, you may grab a table and hang out for a while. Although this can be a great way to see friends or get your work done, you have to be mindful of the calories you can take in. To make sure your cafe visits don’t expand your waistline, here are tips to remain slim while eating there.

Go fifty-fifty

An occasional chocolate latte or pumpkin donut can serve as a treat for normal healthy eating patterns. But, if you are at a food cafe in Lancaster, PA every week, those calories can add up. If you have a hard time skipping these tasty bites, consider splitting them with another person. You can give half, or more, to a companion or pack half in a to-go container for later.

Grab a Meal

In the dessert counter at a food cafe in Lancaster, PA, you can see glazed, whipped, and sprinkled goodies that make your mouth water. But, these won’t help you if you are looking to get full. To keep from filling up on goodies, grab a meal instead. Order steel-cut oatmeal with fresh fruit, a cobb salad, or turkey wrap that will satiate your hunger and give you the energy to accomplish your tasks.

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