Signs it’s Time to Call a Sheet Metal Installer in Massachusetts, RI to Replace an Ageing Ventilation System

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Restaurant Supplies Store

Adequate ventilation is important in any kitchen, but in a commercial restaurant, it’s essential. The exhaust hoods and ductwork required to ensure commercial kitchens have proper ventilation must be maintained and occasionally replaced to prevent unnecessary fire risks. Read on to find out about a few warning signs that it’s time to call a Sheet Metal Installer in Massachusetts RI who can help.

Age of Equipment

Most modern commercial ventilation systems can be expected to last between 15 and 20 years. If a unit has been used for longer than two decades, it will likely be far more cost effective to simply replace it than to repair the inevitable problems that will start to come up.

Grease Buildup

Under normal circumstances, grease build-up can be removed via professional cleaning and maintenance. If, however, the unit has not been adequately maintained, it may be impossible to remove heavy grease build-up. If this is the case, the unit’s safety and effectiveness will be compromised and it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Excessive Airflow

Outdated ventilation systems often suffer from problems with excessive airflow that leads, in turn, to increased HVAC costs. Replacing this older equipment with newer ductwork, fans, and exhaust hoods can help to cut down on monthly costs.

Kitchen Remodels

Back-of-house renovations almost always lead to readdressing the kitchen’s ventilation requirements. Building owners usually have two options. They can either make modifications to their existing systems or, if necessary, call a sheet metal installer in Massachusetts RI to install entirely new ones.

Reliability Issues

Regardless of how old the equipment is, if it is breaking down frequently it has to go. Frequent servicing causes downtime and lost sales, leaving restaurant owners in a precarious situation. Continuing to make constant, often quite costly, repairs just doesn’t make sense when building owners could, instead, have their unreliable ventilation systems replaced.

Learn More Today

The best way to go about having a new ventilation system installed is to call a specialist who can evaluate the current system and the kitchen’s unique requirements and suggest a path to take from there. Visit our website to learn more about one company that can help or get in touch today to schedule an evaluation.

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