Signs It Is Time To Switch Garbage Disposal Services

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Recycling

Owning a home means making a lot of different choices and decisions. One of the services that most homeowners in the Eugene area use on a weekly basis is a trash disposal company.

Unfortunately, issues can occur that should alert the homeowner that it is time to start looking for something new in garbage disposal services. Recognizing these signs allows you to have time to research your options and hire a new trash removal company.

Warning Signs

Watch for the following potential signs that the current trash company is no longer offering the best in garbage disposal services in Eugene.

  • Irregular pickup times – top companies offering garbage disposal services provide a schedule for their customers and work to stay with that schedule. They also provide homeowners with information on how trash is collected if the collection day falls on a holiday. Missed garbage days or garbage pickup that is always a day or two late is always problematic.
  • Lack of recycling services – people want to do what is right for the environment and for their community. The best trash companies in the city offer recycling services that are easy to use and understand for homeowners. They should offer both recycling and composting bins to ensure the best solutions to reuse and recycle rather than taking everything to the landfill.
  • Customer support – most trash companies also offer a range of other services for their customers, including larger roll off bins for big projects. This makes it easy for do-it-yourself projects around the home.

Research the options available and compare different services before choosing a provider for your trash removal needs.

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