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by | Feb 9, 2021 | Advertising

Digital printing experts know from experience that a company’s message must stand out from the crowd. Producing high-quality images that appeal not only to the public but to the company itself requires an experienced team dedicated to image production. Not only can this team make some of the best advertisements in your area, but they can also produce them at an affordable price. This team must have the ability to create any style of digital printing, including the unique backlit printing services.

Backlit image products are images that are designed to capture an audience’s attention. These images are advertisements that are lighted displays that have rich colors. Ordinarily, the display has LED lights on the inside of the frame that illuminates the display’s enriched color to direct onlookers to the advertised message. This form of digital printing is a very compelling message that increases the professionalism of your business. The construction of this advertisement style requires a team with a lot of experience and know-how in the field of imaging. This is because what ordinarily would take a few hours for an experienced team to complete would take a very long time for one person to complete. Without the expensive equipment to correctly finish the job, a new imager could be disappointed when trying to complete the job by themselves.

There are many forms available for backlit printing services. One backlit product is a double-sided print, and the other is a single-sided print. Sophisticated technology is required to produce a double-sided print. Cameras are used to align images on all sides to create the best backlighting effect. Single-sided prints use a unique construction called the nine pass print to bring out the image’s enriched color.

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