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Protecting Your Products During the Last Stages of Production

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While packaging your product for shipment is the last stage of production it also the very first thing your customer will see once their order is delivered. While the efficiency of your packaging process is important, it also vital that the actual performance is consistent in order to maintain superior protection for the products it is encasing. This is where stretch or shrink wrap packaging machines come in handy, as they allow manufacturers the benefit of eliminating inconsistencies that can occur during the hand stretch wrapping process. This allows for a significant decrease in damage to your products from accumulated dust, dirt, and moisture.

Cost Effective Improvements to Your Wrap Packaging Process

Due to the sometimes costly nature of hand stretch wrapping methods many companies are making the switch to automatic stretch wrapping machines. This is in large part because the initial cost of investing in equipment like the Tab Wrapper Tornado® is nothing compared to the many advantages gained when used during daily operations. Whether its wrapping boxes, containers, cases, or even bulk amounts of oddly shaped products a stretch wrap packaging machine offers protection to your products as well as your employees. This is because a fully automated wrapping system will keep your forklift operators on their machines during the wrapping process. Significantly reducing forklift related accidents for both the operators and the people on the warehouse floor.

Finding High Quality and User Friendly Automated Wrapping Equipment

Additionally, traditional hand stretch wrapping methods are known to cause injuries to employees from the repetitive movements required during the packaging process. An automated stretch wrapping machine eliminates these injuries allowing for happier and more productive members of your workforce. If you are researching packaging machine manufacturers check out the equipment offered by Tab Industries, their Tab Wrapper Tornado® is not only user friendly but economically priced making it the perfect choice for companies in a variety of industries that require regular shipment of products and materials.