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Occupational Hygienist For Mould: Hiring Benefits

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Hiring an occupational hygienist for mould is essential. While all buildings don’t have mould, many of them do. In some cases, you may have it and not know about it for many years. However, that doesn’t mean that employees can’t still get sick, which is why you should bring in a professional to inspect your premises. If they notice anything untoward or suspicious, they can take a sample of it and send it to their laboratory for testing. That way, you are sure that your building is safe or that it does have mould and can work on ways to fix the issue.

An occupational hygienist for mould performs an initial mould inspection visually to identify any localised mould growth, determining the cause and the extent. Visual checks are performed on the fittings and building envelope. They can also determine if mould is present in the ventilation system, determine if there is water damage, and how severe the contamination is. Testing can be performed here, as well. However, some companies may require a detailed inspection, which includes a more thorough inspection. Surface sampling can also be performed using a variety of methods.

At Safety & Environmental Services Australia, they have a full process for handling a variety of issues. When you call on them, an occupational hygienist for mould can be dispatched to your property. They can visually inspect the area and test it by taking samples. They offer two options, including the initial and detailed inspection. They also assess the damages and determine how severe the contamination is, providing you with a report of their findings so that you can work on a management plan and start the process of removal. They help you determine the cause, so that can be fixed, but they also help you work on procedures to ensure that it doesn’t come back.