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Do You Need a New Fire Alarm System, Consider One that Uses WiFi

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A fire alarm system is one of the easiest ways to alert you when there is smoke or flames in your home. Many homeowners are turning to smart smoke detectors because they use your WiFi connection to notify your smartphone. When you choose these detectors as part of an integrated smart home, you may find that it’s a lot safer and more efficient than stand-alone versions, especially when you’re dealing with an emergency. However, you do not need a smart home to enjoy the benefits of a smart smoke detector with interconnectivity.


When choosing a fire alarm system, it’s best if it can connect to your home’s internet and alert your smartphone. The use of WiFi ensures that you are notified wherever you are, even if you’re on vacation. The alarm should signal inside the home and should be interconnected with all other alarms, which means they send out the signal, too.

The goal of using a smart detector is so that it can alert emergency services for you. However, most systems have a dismiss button, which means if you burn popcorn or have any other false alarm, you can tell it not to alert the fire department, which prevents them from having to respond to your home when they may be required elsewhere.

It is also important that you consider how the detector is powered. Some choose to use battery-operation while others choose hardwired versions that have battery backup. Either way, you must test the system regularly and replace the batteries every six months or so.

A fire alarm system is essential to alert your family that danger is imminent. Visit First Alert to find out more about WiFi fire alarm system and smoke detectors.