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What Do You Need To Know About Yorkshire Terriers Before Adopting One?

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Are you eagerly looking at many Yorkshire Terriers for sale and wondering which is right for you? If you are like many, it can feel that every single one of the pups or adult dogs would be an ideal fit. That can make it tough to make the right choice, so let’s take some time and consider what experts advise when trying to choose from the best Yorkshire Terriers for sale:

  • Small body, big personality – Maybe you already know this, and it is a reason you are looking at Yorkshire Terriers for sale. However, if not, you should know that almost all Yorkies are remarkably independent, even though they are often diminutive in size. They are quite competitive and self-reliant, though they do form a strong bond with their owner. This can mean that they are not an ideal fit for homes with very young kids, as they don’t “do” submissive behaviors naturally or easily.
  • Great babysitter and watch dog – Though they are small in size, Yorkies are incredibly watchful. They have great hearing, understand threats from non-threats quickly, and bark at alerts. Of course, they don’t attack strangers easily, but they do let you know when one is around!
  • You’ll be adopting a comedian – Yorkies love attention, and because of that, they are often found doing all kinds of playful jests. Many experts say it dates back to the early days of the breed when they were relied on to be hunters in mines and factories. This led to a strong love of toys and playing, and they will even race kids to grab toys if thrown and tossed around. Today, they are noted for their desire to play and then play a bit more!
  • One hazard – Of course, because they are forward and relatively fearless, it puts the Yorkie in harm’s way. They can get under foot a bit too easily and are often so small and fragile they can be injured with simple mishandling. Keep that in mind as you consider the Yorkshire Terriers for sale, and if you have kids, it might be better to pick a larger adult or even a different breed.

Yorkshire Terriers are some of the most beloved of family dogs, and hopefully, this has encouraged you to find your perfect new pet at Princess Puppies, today.