Microfocus X-ray Tube Offers Patients Clearer, Better Results

by | May 16, 2022 | Electrical

Most x-rays let doctors see into the very depths of patient tissues and find anomalies with adequate clarity. However, some x-rays don’t always come out as clear as you might want them. These x-rays leave both doctor and patient with more questions, rather than with clear results. The installation and use of a microfocus x ray tube makes a very big difference.

Microfocus X Ray Tube Zeroes in on a Target Area

As the name suggests, a microfocus tube zeroes in on a “micro” area to provide clearer, better results on the x-ray. A second set of x-rays taken with the use of these tubes often assists doctors with providing patients with clarified information. If the results show something disconcerting, then the doctors are better able to catch the medical issues sooner and offer courses of treatment in the early stages of disease.

The Density of the Patient Is Unhindered

Probably one of the best reasons for using a microfocus tube is that it is relatively unhindered by the density of a patient’s flesh. A heavier patient can still receive clear x-ray results and peace of mind when one of these tubes is in use. The tube can project and probe through layers of fat and tissues with greater ease than many other tubes could. It’s something to consider if a number of your patients are overweight or morbidly obese.

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