Marquee For Hire In Sydney: Considerations

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Event Planner

If you’re organising a large event, such as a birthday party, anniversary, or wedding, the first thing you’ll want to know is where you’ll have the event. Most people choose to plan it all themselves and have it at home to make it a little more convenient and inexpensive. If you plan to go this route, it might be helpful to consider a marquee for hire in Sydney. You’ve got a variety of companies available, but you may be wondering why you should consider marquees when you could go to a hotel or resort for the big event.

A marquee for hire in Sydney makes it all a bit easier. You can have more guests if you host it at your home, and you have a large backyard. Most hotels/resorts require a headcount long before the event is held and may have restrictions on how many guests can attend. If you have a marquee or two, you can invite as many guests as you want. Along with such, marquees protect the partygoers from the wind, sun, and rain. Depending on the type of marquee you hire, you’ll find the mesh and solid-colour linings, which can keep out bugs. Along with such, the marquee offers a roof of sorts, keeping rain and sun off the food and guests.

Discount Party Hire has a variety of products available, including a marquee for hire in Sydney. You’ll find a variety of sizes, ranging from six meters to 30 meters. The company also lists how many guests can fit in each one, as well as prices, making it a transparent way to get the information you need. Of course, you can always call in to enquire about options or ask questions, giving you a better idea of what is available and what you might need for your particular function.

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