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A Man’s Guide to the Perfect Haircut

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You see a haircut on your favorite athlete, actor or rock singer. Do you ever wonder if the same cut would look good on you? Well, here is the truth. Every style doesn’t look good on everyone. The main reason for this is face shape. There are men’s cuts in Chicago that look best on certain facial structures. Looking for the perfect haircut? Use the guide below to point you in the right direction.


This face shape is long and not as wide. Many of today’s popular haircuts look good on oblong faces. Still, you don’t want a cut that makes your face look longer. Go for a medium or short hair length. Choose cuts that are layered on top with longer sides. If you want your face to appear rounder or shorter, wear your hair long.


The oval is similar to the oblong. The shape is longer than it is wide. Additionally, almost any style looks good because of its near-perfect symmetry. Try a sharp angular cut with the hair pulled away from the face. It keeps the look masculine. Avoid long bangs, unless you want your face to look round.


A round face requires square haircuts. Go with a style with short sides. Also, try mens cuts in Chicago with volume or height. A side part works well too.


The diamond face is wider at the top and narrows down to the chin. The cheek bones are wide. You tone down the cheek width with high-volume, layered styles. Another good styling option is swept bangs.


Wide cheeks are a distinctive feature of the triangle face. The jaw is wider than the forehead. Another common feature is a pointed chin. The best haircuts for this facial type have long hair on the top. Also, fades and undercuts are a good choice. Mid-length styles work well. Consider adding a side part for a masculine touch. A swept bang helps minimize the width of the forehead.


A square facial shape has equal width and length. A wide jaw is a defining characteristic. There are many trendy cuts that look good on this face. For example, you can’t go wrong with an undercut or buzz cut. With this bone structure, choose short, tight cuts. Make sure the haircut is angular and sharp. Add a little volume on top. Avoid middle parts.

Finding the right men’s cuts in Chicago is not hard. Once you know your face type, you can get a haircut that looks good on you.