Loved Ones Will Receive Quality Care During This Final Journey

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Funeral Services

The final journey for loved ones can be the most difficult for those left behind. A trusted cremation company in Oakland, CA, is here to help with aspects of making arrangements that seem impossible to do.

Services Available for the One Who Has Gone

Many people choose to have their family member’s ashes placed in a mausoleum for eternity. This choice offers a safe resting place that cannot be disturbed by animals or in any other way. A funeral can be conducted before or after cremation. Cremation services can be included in the mausoleum plan to simplify and complete preparations.

Families who choose to use a mausoleum on their own property will receive a compassionate quality of care before, during, and after cremation and placement of the loved one’s ashes. Several plans are available for mausoleums so family members will feel at peace with this addition to their property and keeping a loved one close.

A celebration of life can be a way for loved ones to say goodbye among friends and family. It can offer a feeling of closure and mutual support as life continues even in this challenging time. Choosing a mausoleum will allow the celebration to go on as the loved one is always in the midst of family.

Making Arrangements in Advance

It can be helpful to make arrangements ahead of time so that grieving family members do not have to struggle during their time of great sadness after you are gone. A mausoleum plan can be personally chosen so that funeral plans will be complete with the final resting place preselected.

The remains of family members and other loved ones will receive excellent care when you depend on Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum, a cremation company in Oakland, CA. Contact Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum today for assistance in making arrangements for this final journey.

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