How Large Format Printers Differ from Standard Ones

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Office Solutions

Most people know how to use an office print machine. It’s not complicated, and they have been around for many years. However, you may sometimes need to print out large banners, posters, or other media, and a standard printer cannot handle the job. This job calls for large format printers. What are these machines and how can they help your Charlotte NC business? Here is more information on the subject.

Bigger is Sometimes Better

A wide format machine is specifically designed to handle print jobs that are longer or wider than a standard machine can handle. If you were to print a large project with a standard machine, you could have problems with the image quality.

Reasons to Choose Large Format Printers

Do you have a lot of wide print needs? For example, if your company is considering a large poster project, you’ll need to outsource the work to a print shop or get your own wide format print machine. Outsourcing is sometimes the best option, but if you already have the people on hand, buying or leasing a machine gives you more control over the project. As soon as the project is finished, you have it, and there’s no need to wait for delivery.

Quick Changes

If you have your own equipment in Charlotte NC, you’ll know with the first print, if something is wrong or not. This gives you the most time to make changes. When you outsource the work, you have to wait for delivery, send back the materials, and then wait for the job to be redone. This can take so much time that it puts you far behind schedule. It’s easier to do the job with your own large format printers.

Wide format machines come with multi-function options. You can print, scan, and copy from the same machine, and increase your efficiency.

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