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How You Can Use Your LED Light Jars to Help Grow Your Marijuana

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More people are opting to use LED lights to grow their cannabis. This is not a difficult process. However, you may be doing things that make it harder for your cannabis to grow. There are several things that you need to do to make sure that you are using LED light jars properly.


Other lights can emit more heat than LED lights. That is why the soil may not dry out as quickly. You can easily over-water your cannabis. You can look at the soil and tell it when it needs to be watered again.

Not Setting the Lights at the Proper Distance

You will need to make sure that your LED lights are not too close or too far away from cannabis. If you have the lights too far away from cannabis, then they may not receive enough light. On the other hand, having the lights too close to the plants can stress them out.

There is no standard recommendation for how far away you should keep the plants from the lighting. However, the manual that comes with your lighting can give you suggestions.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Light

There are several types of LED lighting. You will likely need full-spectrum lighting.

Choosing Low-Quality Lighting

LED lighting is more expensive than other types of lighting. However, you do not want to skip out on quality to save money.