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How To Practice Firing Pistols In Louisville, KY

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Developing excellent target shooting skills requires more than good hand-eye coordination. The perfect aim requires not only a good eye but a rock steady hand that keeps the gun absolutely still when it fires. According to experts, the only way to perfect your aim is to learn how to squeeze the trigger without moving the gun. And the best way to do this is to practice dry-firing.

When you are dry firing Pistols in Louisville KY, the first thing you need to do is unload the gun and set the ammo out of sight, ideally in another location altogether. Make sure to take out the magazine and empty the chamber. This is a basic gun safety measure. The reason for putting the ammo far away is that it’s too easy to become distracted and forget that you’ve just reloaded the gun.

Even though the gun is empty, treat it like it’s loaded at all times. Practice in a space where an actual bullet could do no harm, like in an open field or a firing range. If practicing in the open, use a backstop behind the target so you know what is behind the target at all times. In addition, it’s important to follow all the rules of gun safety. For example, only point the gun in a safe direction and keep your finger away from the trigger except when you’re ready to fire.

When aiming at the target, focus on the front sight. A common mistake is to focus on the target itself, and people do this because focusing on the front sight makes the target blurry. However, the only way to aim accurately is to know precisely where the gun is pointing, so a clear front sight is more important than a sharply focused target.

It’s impossible to hold a gun perfectly still, especially when you’re new to target shooting, so expect the target to wobble around a bit in your sight. Practice pulling the trigger very slowly, not at the exact moment that the target is in your sight but as you are aiming. The more you practice this slow and steady press, the more accurate you will become.

Finally, keep your eyes on the gun sight after the gun dry fires. This is called follow-through, and it will help you evaluate your aim. For more advice about shooting Pistols in Louisville KY, visit Knob Creek Gun Range.

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