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How to Maintain Your Inflatable Water Slide at Home

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Is your summer vacation starting to feel a little too much like work? Take a break and enjoy some time at the pool. Kids and adults alike love having fun in the water, so there are so many pool accessories to make your experience more fun. There is something for everyone, from inflatable water slides and pool float tube rides. Let’s discuss how to maintain your water slide inflatable.

Check the Weight Limit

Companies that make inflatable water slides are aware of the need to make them last longer. As such, they have included weight restrictions on the inflatable water slide. If you want to find an inflatable water slide that will last a long time, it is crucial to consider the age group settings.

Avoid Sharp Objects Near the Slide

The make-shift waterslides are inflatable and do not have any protective surface to prevent people from stepping on them. This means that you should avoid having any sharp items around the slide to prevent accidents. Therefore, it is important to avoid pointed objects as they could hurt your kid.

Inflate Smartly

When inflating a water slide inflatable or a pool float tube, it is wise not to overdo it. Over-inflation could lead to accidents due to too much air. As soon as the air valve starts to release air, it is important to stop the inflation.

Do Not Play in The Slide

Jumping too much on the waterslide could remove the weight restriction. Too much weight on the slide may, in turn, damage the slide.

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