How to Live and Work in China as a BioEngineering Professional From the USA

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Legal Services

As a summa cum laude graduate, you have been recognized by an authoritative body for your excellent knowledge in bioengineering. For this reason, you have been invited to work for a prestigious company in China that will put you at the forefront of a revolutionary project that will change the medical field as you know it. However, you are now tasked to prepare your travel documents but are unsure how or where to start.

Tips to Help You Get Started

You may have your passport in hand and are wondering what else you will need to help ensure you comply with all the necessary requirements are met before you can begin your career in China. You will need to gather your diploma and/or transcript of records, a certificate of no criminal conviction, a medical report, and others to submit to the authorities to begin obtaining a visa for your trip.

Do Not Forget to Have Your Documents Authenticated

Often referred to as document attestation, it is an absolute requirement for you to have your documents authenticated to meet compliance when applying for a visa to work and live in China. Simply, it is a process that validates your documents to be true and genuine.

Who You Can Turn to for Exceptional Quality Services

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