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How Can You Ensure That Your Products are Safely Shrink-Wrapped?

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In the manufacturing industry, working with large amounts of product can be dangerous. If the product wasn’t shrink-wrapped correctly, it can fall off the pallet, spill, break, injure an employee, or otherwise create an unsafe working environment. Most shrink-wrapping machines wrap the products to each other instead of wrapping the entire product set along with the pallet. Here’s why you should work with stretch wrapping machine manufacturers who secure the load directly to the pallet.

Stretch Wrapping Machine Manufacturers Offer Greater Safety and Stability

When the product is wrapped directly to the pallet, the risk of accidents is greatly decreased. The product is much less likely to fall out and cause an accident while the pallet is moved through the warehouse. This also makes products more secure for transport, reducing the amount of accidents and breakage. Investing in a heavy-duty stretch-wrapping machine can save your company money and keep the business running along smoothly.

Stretch-wrapping works well with traditional pallet-based products, like boxes, stones, heavy bags, and lumber. But stretch-wrapping can also safely attach large, bulky, unusually-shaped, and other unconventional items to a pallet without risk of the product falling off in transport. Volatile products like chemical drums and gas cylinders are also less likely to be damaged when stretch-wrapped directly to the pallet. Stretch-wrapping is also a great way to attach small items to a pallet that would otherwise slide off, like bags, tools, rolls of wire, and miscellaneous items. If you work directly with customers, it also makes it easier to load the products in the customer’s truck or trailer.