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How Can Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Benefit Me?

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Electrical Discharge Machining, or EDM, is the process of using an electrical spark to cut or erode metal into varying shapes. Performed by a machinist, a pulsating electrical spark with a high-frequency current through the electrode directly into the working material. This process allows for a slow, smooth, and controlled metal cut.

It sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? This is rather scientific and needs precise accuracy, so it is performed by machinists who have training working with these large EDM machines. If you are reading as a business owner or just as someone considering talking to an EDM professional, you may be asking, “what can EDM do for me?”

First, there are two types of EDM machines. They are both able to cut metal, but they involve varying processes to achieve different outcomes.

The first is conventional EDM. Typically, this is used for creating dies and molds as well as production prototypes in smaller quantities. Wire EDM is also popularly used for dies and molds but more famously is used for the manufacturing of tools and other metal components.

So, how could Electrical Discharge Machining possibly benefit you? As stated previously, EDM is used to manufacture tool and die, prominent service tools used across multiple different types of companies. So, if you are familiar with tool and die or that is something your business currently uses or sells, EDM is something you need to be in the know about.

Any material that conducts electricity can be cut using an EDM. Some EDMs can cut from all angles, ensuring a quality, finished piece. Any complexly structured piece can be cut carefully, no matter what it looks like. While the cutting process does not complete at the speed of light, it is still a quick process for tool and die. Using EDM, tool and die can be manufactured faster, easier, and cheaper than any other manufacturing tool could achieve.

Because an EDM machine uses electrical sparks to make cuts, it does not melt metal. Most other metal cutting techniques require a bit of heat, which renders the metal subject to melting and deformation. EDM eliminates deformation altogether, achieving the smooth cut you are looking for.

EDM can easily cut through large, intricately formed metal structures, but how does it do with thinner pieces? If you need a thin piece of metal cut, you are in luck because EDM also can quickly and accurately cut through thin sheets of metal without melting, burning, or warping it. EDM does equally well with fragile pieces as it does with bulky pieces.

Businesses with EDM machines aren’t typically ones that you pass by on a daily basis. So, if you are looking for a highly reputable company that performs EDM, check out Ephrata Precision Parts in Ephrata, PA. The dedicated machinists at Ephrata Precision Parts are highly skilled in EDM operation and can cut holes, punches for tool and die, molds, and much more.

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