Getting Ready for Maid Service in Midlothian VA

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Cleaning Services

So you’ve just hired a Maid Service in Midlothian VA, and now you’re wondering what you need to do to have your home ready. The best way to find out is to talk with your cleaning service, and ask them any specific questions you may have. If the company is excellent and trustworthy, they’ll have specific ideas for you. For example, if you want walls cleaned, Royal Cleaning Services asks you to move your furniture away from the walls. But there are other things you can and should do out of common courtesy – things your maid service may not ask you to do.

For example, before your maid service comes, it’s a great idea to pick up your house. What exactly does this mean? Well, it means putting most items away, including toys off the floor, books and papers off the counters, etc. The housekeeper coming into your home is there to clean, and shouldn’t be expected to move stuff out of the way to do so (or be expected to put your personal items away). Not only is this helpful to your housekeeper, but it also protects your things from accidentally getting misplaced, damaged, etc.

It’s also considered common courtesy to confine pets, even if the cleaning company doesn’t ask you too. Not everyone is an animal lover, and your housekeeper shouldn’t be expected to work in an uncomfortable environment. And even if your housekeeper is an animal lover, he or she is there to do a job, and shouldn’t be expected to keep an eye on an animal at the same time. So for the comfort of everyone, keep Fido in the backyard during the times your housekeeper is scheduled to be in your home.

Lastly, a maid service in Midlothian VA might not ask you to tip, so it’s important that you do it on your own. It’s common courtesy to tip those in the service industry for a job well done, but many people forget that this doesn’t just mean waiters and taxi drivers. It also includes hairdressers, lawn care workers, bakers, and yes, housekeepers. It doesn’t matter how much you are already paying – a tip says “Thank You” for a job well done, and lets your housekeeper know that his or her work is appreciated.

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