Get State Department Document Certification in Record Time

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Legal Services

Obtaining U.S, State Department apostilles and authentications only takes four to five business days when you rely on US Authentication Services. We simplify and expedite the process by handling every step for you, leaving you valuable time and energy to manage your other travel arrangements.

State Department Apostilles Are Our Specialty

Our seasoned team specializes in the chain authentication process, which entails direct interaction with the U.S. State Department. We can act as your liaison, messenger and personal assistant, chaperoning your important documents through every step of the process.

Our services are quite easy and accessible. Simply contact us and give us some background on what you require. Next, send us your forms and let us obtain the US Department of State certification you require. It’s that easy. Providing you have all the required supporting documents, we can obtain your US Department of State Certification in roughly one business week.

Forms That Require US Department of State Certification

Citizens, residents, international students, teaching candidates, families and businesses generally require a host of document apostilles and authentications. We can help you obtain the necessary certification for birth/marriage certificates, company agreements/letters, commercial documents, incorporation documents and powers of attorney as well as FBI background checks and educational documents.

Traditionally, you have to initiate and oversee the US State Department document certification process on your own. This can be done in person or by mail, but the in-person service is only available mornings. You must sign in and wait to be called. If you do not live in the D.C. area, or you do not have time to spare for sitting and waiting, US Authentication Services is your timely, efficient solution.

We are located in the D.C. area, giving us easy and direct access to the State Department. Our easy access allows us to expedite your State Department certification process, putting you several steps ahead in your travel plans.

Contact US Authentication Services to request more information or go to visit us website today.

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