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Four Basic Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV Camera In Your Workplace at Bowling Green, KY

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In the last decade, video surveillance has become increasingly a common component of private sector businesses and other types of workplaces. While it may take one of several different forms, one of the most innovative technological advances has been in CCTV. However, CCTV Camerain Bowling Green, KY, as in other cities across United States, the use of such devices comes with certain rules and regulations. Before installation, it is important to understand what is legal.

Installing CCTVs

The installation of video surveillance can prove to be beneficial. It may identify thieves and detect vandals. It may also prove to be a major headache unless you follow certain guidelines. Consider the following as a basic overview.

  1. Before you install a CCTV system, make sure you have a clear policy on its usage. Ensure the employees understand the particulars.
  2. Make sure to put up proper signage indicating the presence of video surveillance. It must adhere to the privacy laws in both clarity and positioning. You cannot place them in places designated as illegal, e.g. bathrooms, change rooms
  3. Make sure those who monitor the system do so appropriately and properly,
  4. Retain the footage for a specific length of time. The standard is 30 days. You can retain it in the cloud or store it physically in a safe, secure place.

These are the basics for operating video monitoring systems. To ensure they are following the standards set in US, you should contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. You can also save yourself and your Bowling Green, KY business potential problems by hiring a professional company to install it. Contact the professional team at


If you plan to install video surveillance, make sure you consult both your employees and professionals in this field. They can provide you with the type of information to facilitate your use of CCTV. This should make it a benefit and not a detriment to your Bowling Green, KY company.

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