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Following Simple Online Instructions to Make a Google Cardboard Viewer

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When you want to use a device to magnify or project images, you may think that you need to head to your nearest big box store to buy a projector or VR set. These devices cost money that you may not have on hand right now.

Rather than put out that kind of cash for this kind of technology, you can make one of your own. You can start by following along online to make a Google cardboard viewer for you and your family to use at home.

Straightforward Instructions

If you have never made one of these viewers, you may hesitate at first because you think it is too difficult to complete. In fact, the instructions are simple and straightforward. They do not take much if any technical knowledge to complete on your own.

Further, you also probably have most or all the supplies on hand at home. You do not have to run out to buy materials to complete the project. You can finish your viewer quickly because of the simple instructions and common materials used in its creation.

Once you have completed it, you can enjoy using it whenever you want. You can also make several for your family to share. You do not have to rush out to buy expensive amplifying devices or VR sets. Everything that you need to make one is already in your home.