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Feeling Hungry? How to Find a Good Restaurant in a New York Minute

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New York is filled with highly rated restaurants, so even if you know how to avoid the bottom of the barrel, you might find yourself wondering how to distinguish the rest. If you’ve worked up an appetite in the northeast, here are just a couple of ways to choose a good restaurant.

Choose Your Cuisine

New York is a true melting pot where you can find a dozen different cultures within a dozen different eateries on the same city block. You’ll need to narrow things down before you can make any kind of decision. Are you in the mood for a specific type of cuisine? Are you craving a signature dish? Would you prefer Italian, Mexican, or an American food restaurant in New York, NY? There’s no right or wrong answer; you just need to know before you go looking.

Read Their Story

A true restaurateur is one with vision. It might be a humble story that comes from a hardworking family business; it might be a glamorous and globetrotting story that comes from someone with big ideas about food. Either way, their restaurant will have undergone a journey. It’ll have values, character, and intrigue. It’ll make you want to support them with your patronage.

These are just a couple of recommendations for sifting through your options, narrowing down your selections, and making a confident choice about where to dine. To see an example of a good American food restaurant in New York, NY, check out BLACKBARN Restaurant at